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Our Vision

 Our vision is to take a leading role in education, assessments and treatment of US Veterans and their family members through our retreat facilities and activities and to improve the quality of life of our wounded and injured veterans and their families through empowerment, while providing inspiration to others seeking encouragement in overcoming limitations and embracing life.




    Executive Team    

President & CEO


Nelson Corbin

Army Special Forces (Ret)

Combat Wounded

Cancer Survivor

Veteran of seven years in combat zone


Director of Marketing


Kenneth Wasley

Son of Fallen Veteran

Founder of TK Consulting Firm

Tech Knowledge Business & Nonprofit

Marketing Agency

Motivational Speaker


Chris N. Corbin

Retired Ranger / Special Forces

Double Amputee

Motivational Speaker for WVRP


    Perferred Partners    


Chris N. Corbin, retired Ranger / Special Forces and double leg amputee skydiving with his veteran dog "AX" including his sister and father.  Over 220K views.


PO Box 619

Parkton, North Carolina 28371



Tel: (910) 850-9695 


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