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During these changing times a facility and services such as this is much in demand and needed. Right now, there is no place on earth like this facility; with the latest in equipment and training capabilities, highly professional, seasoned veteran instructors / mentors from Special Operations units coupled with a seasoned professional operating a mental health program all under one roof.


An immediate benefit for the any investment group or individual is to be good corporate neighbors with the host nation to provide the much needed treatment for Wounded Veterans, their families and people with special needs to enhance their quality of life. Twenty-two Veterans take their own life each day and this is exactly the type of program that will greatly reduce that number. We will be developing great relations with people all over the world that train through our facility and receive our services. There will be great rewards for all employees of the facility and program and we will be providing a means to enhance the lives of many Wounded Veterans and their families as well as civilians with special needs.


Wounded Veterans Retreat Program is a very capable program and Nel Cor Business Solutions, LLC is an extremely capable company that guarantees successful completion and will direct and manage this facility indefinitely with maximum benefits for all who participate. We look forward to earning your business and working with you in the future. Thank you for your time and consideration.









All donations can be made out or placed online: 


            Wounded Veterans Retreat Program

            PO Box 619

            Parkton, NC 28371


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