Wounded Veterans Retreat Program (WVRP) is in the business of taking care of Wounded Veterans. We are event based while providing education, assessments for research, and treatment for PTSD and TBI for soldiers and their spouses with the latest in technology and the best operators and instructors available. We can train and treat almost anyone with our program. We also feature our program to civilians with disabilities and special needs.


Wounded Veterans Retreat Program goals are:


  • Develop donators and sponsorships.

  • Make contact with local companies to support our events.

  • Plan and execute our Retreat Programs.

  • Adapt and modify the program from lessons learned for immediate and future Retreat events.

  • Create opportunities for local businesses to participate in the execution of some of our events for the Veteran and family members.

  • The intention of Wounded Veterans Retreat Program is to run one retreat every month. With 10+ participants in each retreat, we are prepared to apply our services to between 120 and 150 participants each year. We also intend to design, develop, construct, and operate a facility for all events.


Our goals for the outcome of the Retreat events are:


  • Educate the Veteran and their spouses on PTSD and TBI to help build a better relationship within the family.

  • Assess the Veteran and their spouses for follow on research information with research institutes and for future therapy.

  • Treat the Veteran and their spouses through highly qualified, experienced professionals.

  • Assist the Veteran and their spouses in attaining a higher quality of life.

  • Reduce the number of Veteran suicides across the board.

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